Dr. Pravel's Method of
Successful Anxiety Care
Individualized For You

Don’t let your anxiety control you.

Identify your fear and anxiety

Label: Once you clearly identify what you’re struggling with - you are then empowered to begin to master it.

Learn how to neutralize your fears

Discredit: We all worry about real stuff - the anxious person is overwhelmed with worry about unreal things. Learn to differentiate between them to begin to reclaim peace of mind.

Regain a life of serenity

Refocus: Learn how to move past the anxious thoughts about the future and return to the pleasant in the present

Success Stories

I now know that happiness is not only possible, for me it is my reality. I am continuing to work with Dr. Pravel and am so looking forward to all that the future brings… Listen to Kristy’s story ->


Career Woman

I used Dr. Pravel’s CD program to supplement the time between visits, especially the one that talked you through an anxiety attack. Listening to them gave me so much extra information that we could then talk about at our sessions.. Read Cathy’s story ->


Wife & Mother

Through Dr. Pravel’s wisdom and experience he taught me to find the strength within myself to conquer my fears and anxieties – he helped me make myself whole again. Read Bree’s story ->


Wife & Mother

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