I am a licensed psychotherapist with 20 years of specializing in drug-free treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, advising medication only when necessary.
My doctoral work consisted of original research on the cause and treatment of anxiety disorders, especially Panic Disorder.
My treatment approach involves combined use of :
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Insight Therapy.


In addition to treating anxiety disorders, I also have extensive experience in treating:
•Low Self-Esteem
•GLBT Issues
•Bipolar Disorder
•Adjustment Disorders
Member of:
•Western Psychological Association
•Anxiety Disorders Association of America


Some Traits of Anxious Individuals:
1.Perfectionistic - their perfectionism causes much of their anxiety and contributes to panic, worry, obsessions & compulsions.
2.Overly Responsible - they are often the most responsible person in the family and overwhelm themselves with the need to take care of everything and everybody. They often grew up in a family that contributed to their becoming very responsible.
3.Intelligent - This can cause problems in 2 ways: 1) Being clever, creative and knowledgeable, they can imagine many scenarios of dreadful events befalling them or loved ones, and: 2) they are bright enough to understand they are very irrational.
4.Non-Assertive - they tend to be very compliant with the requests and desires of others, tending to go out of their way to take care of and make others happy. They have difficulty standing up for their  rights,  speaking up for themselves and appropriately putting their needs before the needs of others.
5.Calm Exterior - Anxious individuals often appear very calm on the exterior,  belying their chronically anxious and fearful emotional  interior.


"Every individual is unique, and proper treatment is unique to each individual.


My treatment for anxiety disorders involves both Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and  Insight Therapy.  It is essential to use both these techniques to truly reduce or eliminate anxiety as opposed to controlling its symptoms with medication - except when necessary. I generally suggest a trial of several sessions before resorting to the addition of medication, but each situation is unique and some individuals may need medication from the outset to facilitate more effective talking therapy.


I would recommend that a new patient also first purchase my CD program: "Anxiety to Serenity". The concentrated information presented in those 4 CDs provides a headstart in developing an understanding of anxiety and the techniques to reduce it. Listening to "Anxiety to Serenity" will also make follow-up phone sessions more effective if office visits are not possible.


 Insight or Psychodynamic Therapy  helps to identify the underlying issues and hidden emotions that may contribute to the formation of an anxiety disorder and facilitates resolution of those issues.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy helps to identify, challenge and eliminate the irrational, anxiety producing thoughts and avoidant behaviors that cause the terror of panic attacks, chronic anxiety, obsessions & compulsions.






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