Every individual is unique, and proper treatment is unique to each individual.
- Dr. Stephen Pravel

A Cognitive Approach to Panic

A cognitive model of panic is described. Within this model panic attacks are said to result from the catastrophic misinterpretation of certain bodily sensations. The sensations which are mis-interpreted are mainly those involved in normal anxiety responses (e.g. palpitations, breathlessness, dizziness etc.) but also include some other sensations. The catastrophic misinterpretation involves perceiving these sensations as much more dangerous than they really are (e.g. perceiving palpitations as evidence of an impending heart attack)

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How Jane Learned to Devalue Irrational Thoughts

A few days ago a client told me of an episode of anxiety she experienced in the prior week and how she responded to it and succeeded in eliminating it. Her story was so compelling I asked her to repeat the story after our session into her phone so I could post it for the benefit of others as an impressive example of effective use of the 1-2-3 method. The entire episode from onset of symptoms to resolution was brief which can give much needed hope to others who also struggle with anxiety. The following is the exact transcript of her recording:

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